We’re Starting Something That Can’t Be Stopped

We started it. We said what we’re going to do and now we’re doing it.

We’re going to Take. Over. Texas.

We’ve got a good start. Everybody knows, it’s a big state so there might not be one in your community just yet. But we’re coming hard. Do you want in?

With more than 50 restaurants operating in the Lone Star already, we’ve got the proof that folks love Texas pizza. And with three solid concepts, entrepreneurs have the option to operate a format that suits guests in your community and matches your lifestyle.

If you’re the type that likes to be at the center of things in your neighborhood, take a look at our flagship Pizza Inn. The original buffet-style pizza place quickly becomes a second home to families and civic groups making Pizza Inn operators leaders in the community.


Maybe you’ve got an existing operation with good foot traffic but tightening margins. You can join, too. P.I.E. (Pizza Inn Express), makes your place a destination while making your facility more profitable. With low start-up costs and all the fees built into the product cost, there’s no simpler way to serve up pizza by the slice.


Do you see yourself serving up craft brews alongside craft pizza? Consider Pie Five Pizza Company. With a flexible footprint that simplifies locating your restaurant, you also can match preferences of your guests. Expecting more take out or more dine-in? Not a problem for Pie Five, as you can scale your operation to suit. And with the latest technology turning out oven-crisp custom pies in just a few minutes, it’s a model as efficient as they come.